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Our new combination of motivation and competition is just what your students need to get them engaged in their math learning.   At least 75% of students from each State-wide Event will progress to the Regional.  Cost per student is only $10.  If student progresses to Regional or National, there is no additional entry cost, however students will be required to purchase the Regional Shirt.

Atlanta MathFest

Jonesboro, GA

February 24th


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Mathbating Team Competition in Groups

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Our new Remote Competition provides students an opportunity to qualify for the Regional Events without attending any State-wide Event.

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No cost to students or the school.  Plenty dates available for Monday-Friday.  Events start at 9:00.  All of your students can participate as we conduct 3 sessions.  We come to your school and conduct the event and top students can qualify for Regional.


1. Involve at least 650 students (may partner with another school)

2. Provide space in gym w/bleachers or auditorium

3. Provide volunteers to assist

4. Students who advance must purchase Regional Shirts to attend Regional Event.

Contact us:  Phone:  248 574-9288